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Welcome to the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch!

A Little Bit About Us

Started in 1952, the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch has been home to more than 1500 boys between the ages of 12-18 years old who were in DHS custody and had not been successful in traditional foster care. We celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Ranch this year.

The Lions of Oklahoma pride themselves in their mission to help young children in need. We have raised kids from all 77 counties in Oklahoma. Contrary to the notion that these boys are 'locked up' most of the time, all our boys attend public school where most show improvement in school performance, many for the first time. We attribute this to our philosophy at the Ranch, combined with good old fashioned regular class attendance, daily study time, houseparent assistance and the use of tutors.

The boys are active in school extracurricular activities as well as church activities. Many of our boys play sports for the High School, including football, basketball, track, and golf. Our goal is to help the boys eventually return home or to a foster home as a productive member of the family and society. For some however, the Ranch is 'home'. The environment here is so positive and productive, some boys WANT TO STAY and live at the Ranch until they turn 18, with the ranch helping them make the transition to successful adulthood.

In addition to a great home life, chores, hobbies and sports, the boys also receive weekly group counseling and individual counseling as needed. However the focus is not on therapy, but instead on providing a therapeutic environment where our boys feel safe enough to try new ways of interacting with others free from exploitation or violence.

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